What Does 'Dragon Ball's Bulma Casting Say About The Franchise's Future?

Dragon Ball has a lot going on this year. The franchise may be bidding farewell to its on-going [...]

Dragon Ball has a lot going on this year. The franchise may be bidding farewell to its on-going anime Dragon Ball Super, but it will fill the void with video game releases and a brand-new movie. To gear up, Toei Animation confirmed recently that a new voice actor has been hired to play Bulma. So, you can probably guess as to why fans are dissecting the casting.

After all, fans are not ready to part with Dragon Ball, and the hire makes it clear the franchise has life left to it still.

If you hadn't heard, Aya Hisakawa has been brought on by Toei Animation to voice Bulma. The character's original voice actress Hiromi Tsuru passed away last year, but there was no rush to cast someone to replace the star. Dragon Ball Super had wrapped its work with Bulma by the time Tsuru died, so Hisakawa will help usher in a new era for the Capsule Corps heir.

According to Toei Animation, Tsuru's dialogue will be used in the remainder of Dragon Ball Super, and Hisakawa will take over afterwards. The new actress is meant to voice Bulma in any future projects; There was no mention of the newcomer being credited in Dragon Ball Super before it ends. Online translators were quick to share the statement, and their analysis got fans buzzing. Over on Twitter, user Herms98 said the announcement "pretty heavily implies" there will be future projects in the franchise featuring Bulma, and that is good for fans.

Of course, fans expected the franchise to carry on even after Dragon Ball Super ends this March. The anime revived the series' popularity and made it a massive moneymaker for Toei Animation. Dragon Ball will carry on its dominance this year when its 20th feature film debuts in December, and the franchise has a slew of gaming series under its belt as well.

Fans are also hopeful that Hisakawa's addition gives hope for a new anime series. The end of Dragon Ball Super came as a surprise to many, and audiences admit they are not ready to part with the anime just yet. That anxiety would be lessened greatly if fans knew another series was at least in development. So, netizens can only hope the franchise's updated cast means good things for its future.

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