New Dragon Ball Special Finally Pits Vegito vs Gogeta

Dragon Ball can be weird at times, and anyone who watches the franchise's PR anime knows that. It has been well over a year since Dragon Ball Heroes debuted its anime, and the monthly series has become a guilty pleasure for many. After all, its non-canon arcs have kept the fandom united since Dragon Ball Super shut down its show, and the series just outdid itself with help from two fusions.

Recently, Dragon Ball Heroes celebrated its tenth anniversary with a special, and the episode was dedicated to all things gaming. The franchise's arcade game was put front and center as fans watched two players duke it out digitally. Their avatars came prepared with stacked teams, and it just so happens Vegito and Gogeta were on opposite sides.

dragon ball gogeta vegito
(Photo: Shueisha)

Yes, that is right. Gogeta and Vegito just came together for an actual fight on screen. The pair were tasked with fighting shortly after the arcade match began. Both of the fusions powered up to Super Saiyan Blue, and their most basic attacks caused the ground underneath them to crumble. Unfortunately, fans aren't given a clear shot of which fusion is more powerful, but fans admit they are stunned the special even touched upon this match.

As the episode went on, other fighters found themselves joining the battlefield. Everyone from Bardock to Yamcha and the Grand Priest showed up to fight. Clearly, this kind of wacky gathering isn't possible in the main series. But when it comes to Dragon Ball Heroes, anything is possible. We meant it. It doesn't get much crazier than a Gogeta vs Vegito grudge match, but we are all too happy to see it!


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