Dragon Ball Artwork Imagines Cell's Own Ultra Instinct Form

Dragon Ball has done lots with its villains over the years. From revealing their final forms to [...]

Dragon Ball has done lots with its villains over the years. From revealing their final forms to visiting them in Hell, the anime isn't afraid to do some gnarly things to guys like Freeza. And thanks to some new fan-art, netizens are imagining what Dragon Ball Super should try to do to Cell if it gets the chance.

Over on Reddit, a fan hit up the Dragon Ball fandom with a curious piece of art work. It was there an artist known as ChigoSenpai shared their take on a version of Cell known as Platinum Cell.

And as you can see below, the concept art gives off a serious Ultra Instinct vibe.

Platinum cell (or as i like to nickname this form personally UI cell) by ChigoSenpai from r/dbz

Cell looks properly intense in this poster as the baddie is in his final form overall. However, all of the villain's spots are missing from his outer shell. This time, fans are treated to a classy silver-and-purple color scheme that's complimented by a blinding blue energy aura. With a fist clenched to one side, Cell looks downright menacing as he should in this poster, and fans are wondering how this Platinum Cell might fare against — say — Golden Freeza.

It's hard to gauge how powerful Cell would be in this form since fans have never seen it canonically, but they have an idea about Freeza. After all, the baddie's golden form is top tier; The glittery form was only introduced in Dragon Ball Super, and it gives Freeza a power up that rivals Super Saiyan God. Now, fans can only imagine that Platinum Cell would match such strength, and there's a good chance the synthetic warrior would push beyond that limit to give Goku an even bigger challenge.

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