Britney Spears' Son Really Loves 'Dragon Ball'

There is something about Dragon Ball that kids can’t get enough of. Many of the anime’s [...]

There is something about Dragon Ball that kids can't get enough of. Many of the anime's biggest fans got into the series when they were kids, and it looks like the tradition is still alive today.

Just ask Britney Spears' sons; They'll tell you.

Over on Twitter, the pop superstar made everyone do a double-take when she shared some artwork from her kids. "Proud mommy moment," Spears captioned the drawings, and fans were surprised to see that the singer's son drew Son Goku.

As you can see below, the first picture shows Goku in all his Super Saiyan glory. The singer's son made sure to emphasize how muscular the hero's chest is, and Goku is even glowing yellow thanks to his charged Ki.

The second drawing gives a more detailed look at Goku. The Saiyan is seen in his base form in this sketch, and its rather impressive shading makes Goku look intimidating. His down-turned lips and furrowed brow would give Vegeta pause, but Goku rounds out the look with a comfy grey jacket.

This is not the first time Spears has showed off her kids' love of anime. In the past, she shared a photo of one of her sons dressing up as Lord Freeza for Halloween. Last October, the singer even shared drawings of Dragon Ball and Re:Zero which one of them did with her Instagram followers.

"My son puts so much time and detail into his work... he's becoming a true little artist and I'm so proud!" Spears captioned the early sketches, and fans were quick to rally behind the artist. There's no telling whether Sean or Jayden is the one behind all of Goku's promotions, but netizens are all too happy to give the anime fan a thumbs-up.

Well, unless you are Chris Sabat. The voice actor is probably a bit sour that Spears' clan has yet to pen any Vegeta sketches.

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