This Christmas Tree Got the Ultimate Dragon Ball Topper

The holidays are here, so you know what that means. Warm cookies, festive carols, and promising gifts will be on their way soon. For many families, putting out decor welcomes in the holidays fully, and that goes doubly for one anime fan. After all, they've been waiting all year to show off their new tree topper, and it is certainly one to behold.

Taking to Reddit, a user named Fidel_Cooki050 got fans buzzing after they posted a photo of their Christmas tree. The user wanted to show off their new tree angel, but this is no fantasy from It's A Wonderful Life. No, this angel is far more... buff, you might say.

As you can see below, the angel is set atop the tree carefully, and it is none other than Gogeta. The fusion has a halo atop to send home his angel status, and the fan managed to wrap a light around Gogeta to mimic a Ki blast of some sort.

New Christmas tree Angel from r/dbz

The unpainted figure is an impressive one, and Dragon Ball fans are loving the reference. Gogeta is wearing his usual outfit here that consists of loose pants and wrapped shoes. The look is completed with a puffy vest that opens to show off the fighter's muscular torso.

Of course, there are other angels you could use as decoration from Dragon Ball. After all, the franchise's latest series did introduce actual angels like Whis. The overseers are hugely powerful and train their universe's God of Destruction. In many ways, angels are more impressive than even Gogeta, but Dragon Ball has never pitted Whis against the fusion to see who is truly the strongest.


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