The Dragon Ball S.H. Figuarts King Piccolo Figure Comes With a Rice Cooker

Tamashii Nations chose May 9th to unveil their S.H. Figuarts Piccolo Daimao, aka Demon King [...]


Tamashii Nations chose May 9th to unveil their S.H. Figuarts Piccolo Daimao, aka Demon King Daimao, aka King Piccolo figure, which Dragon Ball fans will appreciate because that's the day he took over the world. In the original anime, Piccolo Day is "celebrated" with the complete destruction of a section of the planet (which doesn't sound like fun) - but in this reality, you can celebrate by grabbing the figure, which just went up for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for $74.99 with shipping slated for January. It will sell out quickly, so reserve one while you have the chance.

The Piccolo Daimau "King Piccolo" SH Figuarts figure is fantastic, but the accessories really put it over the top. It includes 3 awesome head sculpts, 2 left hands, 4 right hands, a Dragon Ball (one star), a birthing egg effects piece, and the electric rice cooker King Piccolo was trapped in before being freed by Pilaf.


In other Tamashii Nations news, their S.H. Figuarts Broly figure from the wildy popular Dragon Ball Super: Broly was unveiled back in April and quickly sold out everywhere during the pre-order period. If you missed it, your second chance is happening right now.

The S.H. Figurarts Broly figure can be displayed in all three of his forms from the film. It includes two pairs of hands, two heads, two face plates, and a neck-ring control device. Pre-orders are live right here on Amazon for the standard $72.99 with shipping slated for November 25th. Note that the Super Saiyan (Full Power) Broly version is sold out, but you can still get one on Amazon and eBay if you're willing to pay the premium.

"It's BROLY, displayable in all three of his forms from the global smash-hit film "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." The titular antagonist is rendered in hyper accuracy, ready to take all of the forms and poses from the battle scenes, even wearing Frieza Force''s armor! The set includes the figure, two pairs of optional hands, two optional heads (with two optional expression parts) and a neck-ring control device."

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is available on Blu-ray + Digital now.

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