Dragon Ball Heroes Kicks-Off Future Trunks vs. Zamasu Rematch

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series has expanded to a war between the new [...]

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series has expanded to a war between the new villainous group, Core Area, and the various heroes of the extended multiverse. While the Core Area has been comprised of mostly brand new introductions to the Dragon Ball franchise, one of which was a surprise as Zamasu has somehow revived and is seeking revenge on the Omni-King.

Zamasu hasn't been able to do much in the truncated nature of each episode of the promotional anime thus far, but has managed to make an impact with each of his big moves. In the latest episode of the series, Zamasu begins his rematch against Future Trunks.

While Goku is pre-occupied with the powerful Super Hearts, Revived Zamasu decides to take this chance to attack Future Trunks. Blasting away Vegeta, Zamasu charges at Future Trunks with his ki sword already active. He's got a bone to pick with Future Trunks, for sure, and asks whether or not this is all that Trunks is capable of.

Unfortunately, Future Trunks and Zamasu don't get a lot of time dedicated to their fight. But there is an interesting tidbit toward the end of Episode 13 in which Future Trunks finally asks Zamasu why he's working with mortals now after hating them so much. But Zamasu doesn't answer just yet, so this teases that the series will be exploring his motive in a future episode of the series.

Zamasu's return to the franchise as part of the Core Area was surprising considering that he was erased from existence by the Omni-King. But this new Zamasu has seemingly been split from his toxic Goku Black self, and has permanently damaged his body as a result. Maybe Future Trunks will do better against him this time?

If you wanted to catch up, Episode 13 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime series is now live and is titled "Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-Out Earthshaking Battle Fighters Assemble!" The synopsis for the episode describes it as such, "Hearts has finally shown his true power! Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and a fearsome, evenly matched battle unfolds. How will this earthshaking battle end?"

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