Dragon Ball Heroes Raises Fusion Dance Question

Dragon Ball Heroes hit up fans with a new episode recently, and it brought one story to a close. With a bit of help, Goku and Vegeta managed to take down Hearts despite his Universal Seed power boost. The episode ended with a teaser for what's to come in season two, but Dragon Ball fans are still lingering on one topic. After all, some fans have questions about Gogeta's fusion and how that fits into the series timeline.

And if you are one such person, no worries! We have a simple breakdown of the issue that will make everything make sense.

For those who do not know, Super Dragon Ball Heroes brought Hearts down with a fusion-friendly fight. The finale saw Goku and Vegeta combine using the fusion dance, leaving them to beat down Hearts with the full might of Gogeta. When the battle was over, Jiren had to ask why the pair did not fuse when fighting him during the Tournament of Power, but some were left to ask if that was even possible.

Of course, if the timeline is right, Goku and Vegeta would not have been able to use the fusion dance during the Tournament of Power. In the canon, it is accepted that Gogeta was revealed for the first time in Dragon Ball Super: Broly since the fusion's Dragon Ball Z entry did not work with the main timeline. If that is the case, Gogeta can only appear in a post-Broly world, so the Hearts ordeal takes place then. That is why Jiren didn't get to fight with Gogeta way back when, but the Pride Trooper might still get the chance if he's lucky.


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