'Dragon Ball' Reveals How Goku Survived the Prison Planet's Destruction

Dragon Ball Heroes has done things fans never thought they would see. The series has become known for its fan-fiction arcs as aliens, dopplegangers, and more have been introduced. Now, the anime is opening up about its latest deux ex machina moment, and it looks like Goku really did call upon a god to save his hide.

For those caught up with Super Dragon Ball Heroes, the promotional anime is preparing for its tenth episode. The last update went live and saw Goku make a comeback after seemingly dying upon the Prison Planet. It turns out the Saiyan survived the world’s annihilation, but it took a little outside help.

Recently, the explanation went live when a new page of V-Jump gave up Goku’s big secret.

The advert says Goku “flew to the Great Priest’s palace at the last second during the collapse of the Prison Planet.” According to fan-translator Cipher, no other details were given about the escape or what happened after. This means fans are still waiting to learn why Goku is dressing up like the Grand Priest in the anime, but fans have their own theories about that.

Of course, this reveal about Goku has poked holes in some theories regarding his escape. Some fans were convinced the Saiyan did die but was resurrected by the Grand Priest for a price. Others believed the Saiyan unlocked a new form which saved him, but it seems the truth is simpler than that. Goku must have used the button Zeno gifted him some time ago that will summon the deity or those near him. In this case, it was the Grand Priest who showed up before Goku, and the all-powerful deity found the Prison Planet’s imminent destruction an easy thing to overlook.

So, does this explanation help or hurt your theory? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

If you're unaware of this arcade game the promotional anime series is based on, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest digital card fighting game and the top earner in the digital card arcade scene in Japan. Developed by Dimps, the update brought enhanced graphics and the ability to play as seven characters at the same time and provides all sorts of fantastic fan-service never seen in the original series.



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