Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Hearts' Super Transformation

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has introduced the Core Area, an interesting [...]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series has introduced the Core Area, an interesting group of new villains planning to take on the multiverse with the powerful Universe Seed super weapon. Each of these villains has proven powerful enough on their own, but they're still largely shrouded in mystery. This is especially true for their leader, Hearts, who finally seems to be getting into the battle fully.

Surprising even further, Hearts debuted a brand new form in the latest episode of the promotional series. A "Super" form that's reminiscent of Super Saiyan, with standing up hair and everything.

In Episode 12 of the series, Hearts has brought the Universe Seed to Universe 7 and mentions that it's nearly complete. The Core Area has been on a tear through the multiverse to build its power, and Hearts seems to be getting stronger based on its power too. His abilities already make him a tough opponent as he can control gravity and push his opponents into the ground too.

But the end of the episode sees Hearts prepare to begin a direct fight with Goku, and he taps into his Super Hearts form. His transformation builds up enough aura to push the Universe 7 fighters away, and it looks an awful lot like Fu's super transformation from earlier in the series. It's the same dark aura, and his hair stands up in very much the same way.

With Fu orchestrating the entire thing as an experiment to fill this Universe Seed, it seems that he and Hearts share a connection through this power. This may or may not be explained in a future episode of the promotional anime series, but it certainly starts an interesting conversation about the nature of their power. At the very least, it seems Goku is about to take on more "Supers" than he expected.

Episode 12 of the series is now live and is titled "Super Fighters Assemble! The Decisive Battle of Universe 7!" The synopsis for the episode describes it as such, "The battle stage has finally moved to Universe 7. Goku and his friends attack the immensely powerful Hearts and Kamioren. At the same time in Universe 3, Cumber, who is wreaking havoc, and Cooler, who gained a new power, clash!"

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