Dragon Ball Heroes Anime Shares First-Look at Anime's New Villains

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has ended the story of the "Dark Demon Dimension" and the mad scientist Fuu's attempt to re-write the universe using the Universal Tree, and with the upcoming arrival of the "Space-Time War", the spin-off series has released a new look at two of the "new" villains that will be threatening both the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol. This new arc won't just feature new villains, it will reveal new transformations for old favorites as the original version of Broly is given a major power boost with the form of Super Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker.

One of the new designs is for a villain that was introduced during the Universal Conflict Saga in Hearts, with the Space-Time War hinting at the antagonist's return with a look that shows off his time in an underworld prison that Goku and many of the villains of the franchise has visited throughout the Shonen's history. Though Hearts was able to achieve an insane level of power in his unique quest to save humanity from the gods, it wasn't enough to stop his plan of destruction from the power of Gogeta, with the fusion character destroying the Universe Seed during their insane battle.

Twitter User DBS Hype shared this look at the new design of the villain Hearts, along with a new mysterious character that is sure to play a big role in the upcoming Space-Time War Arc that will feature the return of some big-time older villains ranging from Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan to Cell:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has scratched the itch for fans of the Akira Toriyama franchise waiting for the main anime series to return, giving fans the return of some big elements that were introduced in the anime's past, as well as transformations and characters from the one-time sequel of Dragon Ball GT. Though the full details for the next arc are still something of a mystery, we fully expect there to be plenty of fan service with the return of Cell, Cooler, Freeza, and more!

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