This Insane Flipbook Animation Pits Luffy Against Goku Black

When it comes to villains, Monkey D. Luffy knows how to deal. The captain of the Straw Hat crew has faced down guys like Lucci, and fans have long wondered how Luffy would handle villains from Dragon Ball. So, one artist decided to play out that scenario with one insane flipbook animation.

Over on Youtube, you can check out an intense fan-made fight between Luffy and Goku Black. Trafalgar D went above and beyond to animate how a clash between the One Piece hero and Dragon Ball Super villain would go down.

The animation, which takes more than a few flipbooks, starts off with Luffy charging Goku Black after the baddie appears out of nowhere. The video uses dialogue from the anime to fill out its action sequences, and Luffy sees himself cornered when Goku Black goes Super Saiyan Rose.

Of course, Luffy then counters with his Gear Fourth form. The tank-like power helps Luffy hit Goku Black hard, but then the Saiyan powers up into a new form which gives him white-lilac hair. The ensuing battle gives Luffy a hard time, but pirate won’t give up. When Luffy pits his special attack against a Super Saiyan Rose Kamehameha, the fighters wind up expelling enough energy to obliterate the Earth.

So, there’s that. There is no telling who won the fight, but Goku Black should be able to withstand travel through space. Luffy may would have trouble matching that kind of power, but the pirate could have something under his hat to keep him going.


Of course, Luffy and Goku Black have never met in any canon situation. The One Piece pirate has done a crossover with Dragon Ball before, but the special was done way before Goku Black was thought up. The shonen crossover saw Luffy, Goku, and Toriko go up against one another in a race - but Toei Animation may produce another special if fans show enough interest. Maybe this time around, Goku Black can make an appearance.

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