New 'Dragon Ball Super' Preview Sees Goku Go All Out Against Caulifla

Dragon Ball Super's most recent episode showed off some exciting match-ups in the Tournament of Power, but the most exciting development in the episode was seeing the battle that's about to happen, as Caulifla stepped into the ring to battle Goku!

The female Saiyan from Universe 6 gave a weakened Goku a much-needed save in his battle against the triple threat of Koitsukai, Borareta, and Pancea from Universe 3. However, the alliance was short-lived, as Caulifla powered up to SSJ2, and challenged Goku herself!

Check out how hard-hitting the Caulifla vs Goku battle gets, by watching the preview video, above - including a tease of a SSJ3 transformation!

Recent DBS episode synopses and spoilers have teased what the outcome of this battle may be - and how it could lead to a much bigger event to come! Warning, possible SPOILERS for upcoming DBS episodes follow!

SPOILER ALERT: Fans have already pieced together that even in a weakened state, Caulifla will not be a match for Goku - which will lead to Caulifla and Kale fusing into a new and more powerful fighter - the first fusion in the tournament, and first female character in the history of Dragon Ball.

Given Caulifla's potential for power-up, and Kale's new control over berserker rage, their fused form could be a considerable threat - and will definitely be something fans will be hyped to see!


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