Dragon Ball Super Reveals Why Androids 17 and 18 Want to Fight Moro

Dragon Ball Super has not been shy about Moro and his power. The bad guy has bested Goku and [...]

Dragon Ball Super has not been shy about Moro and his power. The bad guy has bested Goku and Vegeta individually with little issue. Now, the villain is on Earth determined to consume the planet for a snack, but he has got some new foes to face. After all, the androids are here, and it turns out the heroes are fighting the baddie for a very specific reason.

If you have read the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, then you will know all about the androids' arrival. The heroes showed up to fight Seven-Three and his lackey soon after Gohan showed up the villain. The baddie was getting ready to use Moro's power which lets him absorb energy, but he cannot do that for the androids.

And why is that? Well, just think about it. In the Dragon Ball series, every living being has ki energy to absorb... but that cannot be said for androids. The have no ki, so they can do what they need to fight Seven-Three and his Moro abilities.

As for why the pair are fighting, they aren't doing it out of joy or a desire to do so. It all comes down to money in the end according to Android 18.

"Capsule Corp is giving us ten million zeni to fight," she reveals. "As soon as we mop up here, it's payday."

Of course, Android 17 tells his sister to phrase things a bit better, but she isn't backing down. Android 18 doesn't fight for free even if she is needed but that is okay in the end. After all, Bulma has got some serious funds behind her, and she's not afraid to use it to save the world.

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