'Dragon Ball Super' Cast Comments On Anime's Future Following Finale

If you hadn’t heard, Dragon Ball Super rolled out its final episode this weekend, and the event was a special one to behold. Episode 131 ushered in the Tournament of Power’s end and set up the franchise’s future projects in a large sweep. Of course, fans are coming to terms with the show’s loss, but it seems the cast is not too worried.

After all, most of its big stars are pretty confident Dragon Ball will make its comeback sooner rather than later.

Before the finale of Dragon Ball Super aired, Toei Animation released a series of interviews with its cast. Voice actors for characters like Goku and Krillin shared their thoughts on episode 131, but that isn’t all. The star also opened up about the franchise’s future, and each actor had a similar message to share.

Masako Nozawa had plenty to share with her interview. The actress voices Goku and Gohan amongst others, and she told fans there is way more Dragon Ball to come.

“While the TV anime is taking a little break, there’s still the movie in December, and I hope that another TV series will start up while the iron is still hot,” Nozawa explained. “I’m sure Goku will keep on training like always. Because the world of Dragon Ball will just keep on going and going!”

As for Ryusei Nakao, the voice of Freeza agreed with his in-show nemesis. The actor echoed Nozawa’s notes about Dragon Ball continuing, and he is personally excited to see how Freeza will fare in the franchise’s next arc.

“The TV series Dragon Ball Super ends here for now, but it doesn’t look like Dragon Ball itself is ending, so look forward to it. While I can’t predict what will happen to Freeza, I’m sure he’ll never reform and will think up more evil schemes. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to Freeza, and I hope everyone else is too,” the actor said.

Again and again, the actors of Dragon Ball Super stressed the future of the franchise is bright. Maybe Dragon Ball Super itself won’t be revived, but the actors feel confident a new show will take its place soon enough if that is the case. In the past, the franchise’s creator has said the same thing as Akira Toriyama told fans the series was ending for the time being. So, audiences would love for Toei Animation to come clean about its plans for Dragon Ball’s return already.


Right now, there is no official word on when (or if) Dragon Ball Super will be revived for TV, but the series is continuing through film. This December, the series’ first movie will go live and debut the arc following after the ‘Universal Survival’ saga. Dragon Ball Super’s manga will continue as well, so there are plenty more stories for audiences to explore while Toei mulls its production options behind the scene. And, when the company finishes, it seems the cast of Dragon Ball are more than ready to get back into the recording booth.

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