'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Jarring Detail About New Villain

Dragon Ball Super brought in its share of villains to date and plans to keep that train rolling. Recently, the series debuted its latest arc, and it was there fans met a new baddie named Moro. However, as readers learned, there is something jarring about the villain that cannot be looked over.

Not long ago, Dragon Ball Super put out its latest chapter, and it was there fans learned more about Moro. The manga dove into a massive flashback that visited the wizard more than 10 million years in the past. Fans were shown the baddie's battle against the Daikaioh and South Supreme Kai, and the pair nearly lost against Moro. It took the Daikaioh sacrificing all his godly powers to seal the wizard, but the move could not take out Moro for good.

After all, no one has ever been powerful enough to kill Moro, and he has lived the last 10 million years in prison as such.

According to the canon, Moro had his powers sealed by the Daikaioh after the deity used all his god powers up to do so. An ensuing battle finally put Moro down, leaving the Galactic Patrol responsible for jailing the villain. However, the military was unable to execute Moro as the baddie was still immensely powerful after being sealed. Now, the villain has escaped after presumably gaining back a bit of his magic power, and fans are wondering just how strong the villain is now.

Given Moro's power, readers are trying to wrap their heads around the fact that Moro couldn't be killed even after having his magic sealed away. The mysterious baddie has all the chaotic nature of Kid Buu with the destructive nature of Beerus. Sure, the Galactic Patrol doesn't have anyone at Goku's tier on call to perform executions, but Moro is clearly on another level of power if no one could kill him for 10 million years. So, it's a good thing the Galactic Patrol has roped in Goku and Vegeta to stop Moro at long last.


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