When Will ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Announce Its Next Saga?

Dragon Ball Super isn’t ready to wrap its current saga, but fans are already wondering what could be next. The anime has seen its popularity surge thanks to its recent dub debuts, so there are millions of fans wondering where Dragon Ball Super is heading.

If they are lucky, they might just find out the franchise’s next steps this week.

For fandom newcomers, Dragon Ball and dozens of other shonen titles are squaring up for a big event in Japan. This weekend will see Shueisha host its annual Jump Festa event, and the shonen-centric convention is known to signal some big announcements.

Last year, Jump Festa is what prompted Shueisha to announce the next saga of Dragon Ball Super. The reveal was released in V-Jump as the magazine went out ahead of its usual 21st date. Shueisha confirmed the anime would be entering the ‘Universal Survival’ story once the ‘Future Trunks’ saga wrapped.

If history repeats itself, then V-Jump may be the key to Dragon Ball Super’s next announcement. Shueisha will be bringing the franchise to Jump Festa this year, so it would be the perfect place to expand on any announcements made via V-Jump or even Weekly Shonen Jump.


A new saga announcement from Dragon Ball Super would make the fandom’s week, but there is still a lot that anime has to do before it can switch gears. The Tournament of Power is still going on as Universe 4 just got erased. Universe 7 and Universe 11 are the last ones left with Universe 3. The latter looks like it will be axed pretty soon, so Goku’s squad will be left to fight Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo. When those matches get started, things will be moving fast and furiously with the Universe 7 squad, Toei Animation has time to bring its next saga to light.

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