'Dragon Ball Super' Gives Vegeta a Major Moment of 'Dragon Ball Z' Repentance

Chapter 47 of the Dragon Ball Super manga sees the battle for the fate of New Namek heat up in a big way, as Goku and Vegeta came back form the brink of death prepared to fight to the death against their new foe, Planet-Eater Moro. After having their ki sapped to near-fatal levels, Goku and Vegeta were knocked out of commission for several days - just enough time for Moro to systematically slaughter every Namekian village standing between him and the Namekian Dragon Balls.

By the time Goku and Vegeta are back on their feet, Moro has learned to sense the Dragon Balls' locations, and has maimed and killed his way to claiming six out of seven of them. Knowing that they have no strategy to beat the evil sorcerer, the Saiyans nonetheless prepare to sacrifice their lives in order to defend the last Dragon Ball - which causes Vegeta to confront a major moment of repentance that he's been building up to since the Dragon Ball Z days!

As Vegeta is suiting up for the vicious final battle with Moro, he speaks with the elder of New Namek, who Vegeta remembers from his days aiding Freezas invasion of the original Planet Namek, back in Dragon Ball Z's iconic Freeza arc. Vegeta asks the elder if the Namekians still hold a grudge against him for slaughtering so many of their kinsmen; the elder admits that while the Namekian people don't believe in the toxicity of vengeance, they do have long memories about those who wronged them.

Hearing that admittance confirms to Vegeta that he still has amends to make, and just before Moro's arrival he makes a solemn proclamation to Goku:

"Kakarot. If you survive, make restoring this planet to how it once was your top priority."

This moment marks yet another big turnaround for Vegeta, who remains the most dynamically-changed character in the entire Dragon Ball series. Long gone are the early days of Dragon Ball Z where Vegeta was one of the most evil and brutal warriors in the universe; Dragon Ball Super in particular has seen Vegeta deeply embrace his new life s both a hero and family man, as the Saiyan Prince has overcome both powerful challengers and his own limits to defend the Earth, his family and friends, and even multiple Universes, from destruction.



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