Dragon Ball Super Lets Gohan Got Loose with a Huge Kamehameha

Dragon Ball Super has a problem with Goha. No matter if you love him or hate him, fans keep [...]

Dragon Ball Super has a problem with Goha. No matter if you love him or hate him, fans keep talking about the Saiyan regardless. While some balk at the way Gohan has grown as an adult, others are pleased with his academic ventures. Still, many wish Gohan would get a chance to shine in a fight every now and then. Now, their wish has been granted, and fans will be happy to see Gohan let loose for once.

Recently, audiences got a chance to see Gohan go off on an opponent in the latest Dragon Ball Super chapter. The new release went live just yesterday, and Gohan has already has fans buzzing.

So, you've been warned! There are major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 54 below!

All of the hype comes down to Gohan's battle with Seven-Three. The villain was introduced in the last chapter of Dragon Ball Super, and he is not one to mess with. Not only is the artificial warrior enhanced all around, but he can copy the abilities of those he touches. Not long ago, he took on the powers of Piccolo, but Gohan was not phased when he fought the baddie.

The new chapter is not subtle around Gohan's beatdown by any means. Despite being dressed in his work clothes, Gohan wrecks Seven-Three in slacks. He dodges energy blasts, sneaks up on the android with ease, and things only get crazier when Piccolo gives Gohan a fighting Gi.

As the battle wages on, Gohan manages to show Seven-Three whose the boss. Not even the opponent's giant form can shake the Saiyan, and the fight appears to come to a head when Gohan charges a Kamehameha. The beautiful blast is one which fans have missed, and Gohan doesn't hold back with it. Sadly, Seven-Three is able to evade the attack by pulling out a secret technique, but the miss didn't dull the satisfaction fans got from the blast overall.

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