Dragon Ball Super Gives Peek at New Chapter With Storyboards

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the best received in the manga so [...]

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the best received in the manga so far not only because it's continuing the series after the point where the anime came to an end, but as it continues to evolve it's starting to evoke some of the best aspects of Dragon Ball Z's bigger arcs. This makes the wait for each new chapter tougher each month, but thankfully the wait for Chapter 58 of the series will soon be coming to an end in just a few days. With its official release imminent, draft pages from the new chapter have surfaced online and already are giving fans an idea of how the battle for Earth has changed with Goku now a part of it.

As shared by @DbsHype on Twitter, Chapter 58 is on the way as a few of the draft pages show how Goku coming to Earth dramatically shifts the nature of the battles with the rest of the Z Fighters. By the looks of things, Goku is quickly cleaning up the various escaped prisoners attacking Earth and this may be reminiscent of the Saiyan saga but it does knock them all back down a peg.

Although these are most likely going to be the same sequence of events in the next chapter of the series, none of this is officially confirmed as of yet until we see the official release. Things can change in between the draft and final product, and that very much applies here. Either way, you can find them below:

@DBSHype and @peraperayume even provided a translation of the draft pages, but we should note once more that nothing is set in stone until Chapter 58's official release:

Are you excited to check out the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super when it officially launches? How are you liking the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc so far? How have you liked the manga after the Tournament of Power? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!