Dragon Ball Super Posts Draft of Chapter 61 Ahead of Official Release

Dragon Ball Super left the anime industry behind in favor of print a while back, and its manga is doing big things nowadays. This month will usher in chapter 61 after May teased the arrival of Vegeta's new power. Now, fans can get a sneak-peek at this new chapter, and Dragon Ball fans have a lot of questions about the teaser.

The draft pages went live earlier today on Dragon Ball Super's official site. The webpage posted less than ten pages total, but they are enough to get fans curious. After all, the rough draft shows Vegeta fighting Moro, but they are not clear on what power the Saiyan has brought to this fight.

After all, this new power is one that fans everywhere are talking about. Dragon Ball Super had fans buzzing about it earlier this year when Vegeta began training in Yardrat. The hero was determined to develop an attack greater than Instant Transmission, and he says he succeeded. In chapter 60, Vegeta returned to Earth to fight Moro with this new power, so fans are expecting chapter 61 to show off that technique.

As for this draft, it shows a bunch of standard battle imagery as Vegeta and Moro battle. Goku and the rest of the Z-Fighters are shown looking shocked in one page as Vegeta stares down his foe. But in others, Moro is shown looking smug as he blocks hit after hit from the Saiyan. Fans are having a tough time deciphering whether Vegeta can win this battle, but they hope he does. Dragon Ball isn't shy about its love for Goku, so the hero wins most of the series' fights. Vegeta fans believe it is time for their favorite to win, so they are hoping chapter 61 does not crush their dream.

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