Dragon Ball Super's Newest Chapter Finally Ends the Fight with Moro

Dragon Ball Super has finally brought the fight against Planet Eater Moro to an end with the [...]

Dragon Ball Super has finally brought the fight against Planet Eater Moro to an end with the newest chapter. The Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one of the longest arcs in Dragon Ball Super to date as we have seen several twists and turns, and that's most apparent for the fight against Moro himself. The previous chapter of the series revealed yet another swerve as Goku's mercy for Moro ultimately led to the villain fusing with the Earth itself and brought the entire universe to danger as he continued to grow in power.

With Dragon Ball Super previously announcing that the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc would end before the year comes to a close, the fight against Moro was officially brought to an end with Chapter 66 of the series. It unfolds in a pretty unexpected way as Earth's fighters scramble to help Goku after his major mishap.

Chapter 66 of the series sees Goku struggle against Moro even with his Ultra Instinct abilities as Moro's manipulation of the Earth makes him tough to defeat. Whis and Beerus were taken out of the picture as the two of them were summoned by the Grand Priest (following Merus' disappearance), and thus Goku and the Earth were left to their own means. Thankfully, Vegeta arrives at full strength once more and begins to strike the Earth in an attempt to drain as much of Moro's powers as possible.

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While Moro's fused form continues to drain the Earth, Goku tries to land a hit on the jewel on Moro's forehead as breaking it will free Merus' powers from Moro's control. Goku is grabbed before he can hit the jewel, and begins to lose his power. As a last minute effort, Vegeta gathers everyone's ki from the remaining Z Fighters and those on Dende's lookout.

Giving this mass of energy to Goku, Goku's powers up enough to Super Saiyan Blue level. It's still not enough, until a mass of godly energy arrives from Uub (who has been contacted by the Grand Supreme Kai thanks to Jaco's quick thinking). With this additional power, Goku is able to reach his Ultra Instinct form again. This time, however, he summons a giant version of himself with the energy and pins Moro down.

Breaking out of this form, Goku lands a final hit on the jewel and Moro's earthly form disintegrates. For those looking for a final swerve or reveal, this seems to be the true end of the battle as Goku gives his traditional thumbs up with a job well done. This fight definitely ended in an unexpected way, but what do you think of how the fight with Moro ended? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!