New Dragon Ball Super And Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Manga Chapters Are Now Available

The latest chapters of Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have dropped and spell big changes for both of the Shonen franchises moving forward as the battles involving Moro and Jigen respectively heat up. With these chapters being released before new revelations for both series will be shared at the upcoming Jump Festa taking place later this year, fans can start placing their bets as to what new secrets we'll learn when it comes to the adventures of the Z Fighters and the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha!

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the battle against Moro comes to a close as the Z Fighters have to take on the energy absorbing foe following his nefarious tactic of fusing with the very Earth itself. With this series of events taking place as a result of Goku's lunk headed move of sparing Moro, as he's done in the past with far too many villains that are looking to destroy the Earth, the Dragon Ball warriors are facing down the biggest threat that they've ever encountered and it seems that not even Ultra Instinct is enough to take down the ancient wizard on its own.

In the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the war between the trio of Naruto, Boruto, and Sasuke against the leader of the Kara Organization, Jigen, has hit its stride as the seventh Hokage has made a decision that may very well cost him his life. Naruto has made the decision to fuse himself with the nine tailed fox, the Kyubi, currently residing within his person, the original protagonist of Masashi Kishimoto's epic ninja tale is informed that accessing this new found power might help him in defeating the Otsutsuki member, but at the cost of his life. Needless to say, while the battle against Jigen doesn't end here like the Moro fight has, it's clear that the battle is reaching its apex.

Boruto Dragon Ball Super Chapters
(Photo: Viz Media)

Both Dragon Ball Super and Boruto are easily two of the biggest Shonen franchises, and though the former is still waiting to return to the world of anime following its hiatus after the conclusion of the Tournament of Power arc, there is plenty to look forward to in the future for both of these series.


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