Dragon Ball Super Explains Why The Grand Supreme Kai Is Weaker Now

In the most recent chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga, the evil wizard Moro continued his siege on our main heroes and the Galactic Patrol by fighting them in the outskirts of space. With the horned warlock diving into the void, only the Grand Supreme Kai was able to bring the fight to him but things didn't exactly go his way. Gaining the use of Majin Buu's body, the Kai has discovered that the power he once had is now gone. Confused at first, Kai puts two and two together to decipher just why he isn't where he used to be.

The Grand Supreme Kai was originally absorbed by Kid Buu, who changed into the heavier set Majin Buu thanks to the Kai's influence within his body. Prior to this however, Kai managed to imprison Moro thanks to his power level at the time, but unfortunately wasn't able to use the same techniques he once could. Scanning his past in Buu's body, the Grand Supreme Kai uncovered a terrible revelation, his power was essentially destroyed.

When the fat Majin Buu split with his evil alter-ego, Kid Buu, the more powerful adolescent took the majority of their shared strength when he left. Grand Supreme Kai's "God Ki" had been transfered into Kid Buu which was subsequently destroyed when Goku hurled the Spirit Bomb in his direction.

Moro Buu
(Photo: Viz Media)

All might hope might not be lost for the Kai's energy, as Kid Buu has been reincarnated into the child fighter, Uub. Whether or not Uub will make a re-appearance in the series to give the Grand Supreme Kai the edge that he needs to defeat Moro is anyone's guess, but all signs seem to be pointing in that direction. As for Moro, the energy to imprison him once again is desperately needed as the evil sorcerer has begun revealing his plan, along with the third wish he made using the Namekian dragon, Porunga.

Goku and Vegeta are certainly going to have their work cut out for them in the mean time, with Moro's energy sapping abilities creating a serious obstacle for the Saiyans to claim victory.


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