Dragon Ball Super: Could Broly Defeat Moro?

Dragon Ball Super has pushed ahead of where the anime series left off, giving fans some big and exciting new storylines. First came Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which picked up after the events of the anime's Tournament of Power arc, and re-introduced Broly to canon. Then came the manga's new "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, which has introduced a fearsome new sorcerer villain named Planet-Eater Moro into the franchise. In Dragon Ball Z tradition, Moro's impending threat to Earth has sent Goku and Vegeta scrambling to unlock new power-ups to defeat the all-powerful villain. However, there is another Saiyan power in the universe that could challenge Moro: Broly.

So could Broly defeat Moro and save the universe? The answer is more complicated than it initially seems.

This particular Dragon Ball fight debate comes down to the respective natures of the powers each fighter in question possesses. In this case, Broly is a limitless reservoir of power, with the unique ability to channel the power of a Saiyan Great Ape through his human form. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly it was made clear that Broly had enough power to destroy the entire Earth while in his base form; when he went Super Saiyan he was such a threat as a living Weapon of Mass Destruction that Gogeta almost had to annihilate him to stop his surging power and berserker rage. There seemed to be no limit to the power Broly can tap into, which would seemingly make him unbeatable.

Dragon Ball Super Can Broly Beat Moro Fight Powers

However, Moro earned the nickname "Planet-Eater" due to his formidable dark magic, which allows him to consume the life forces of any living being, object, or entire planets. During the Dragon Ball Super manga's "Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, Moro's energy-eating ability proved near-fatal to Goku and Vegeta, as it steadily sapped their Super Saiyan energy, dropping them down, level by level, until they were all but powerless against Moro in base form. In fact, as it stands in the manga right now, both Goku and Vegeta have now unlocked new training they can only hope will replace their usual Super Saiyan powers, and bring down Moro.

So, taking all of this into account, the outcome of a 'Broly vs. Moro' battle basically boils down to a question of speed: can Broly generate new reserves of power faster than Moro can sap them? It's really an impossible call to make, since we don't know the upward limit of either fighter's powers. We don't know if Broly eventually runs out of his Super Saiyan 4-ish power; we also don't know if there is a limit to how much power Moro can eat, before he becomes swollen like a tick, ready to be popped.


If nothing else, Broly would conceivably be an opponent that could keep Moro locked in battle for a very long time fighting to a stalemate. Of course, magic isn't Moro's only power: he's also a fighter with ten million years of experience behind him, and he used to fight the gods themselves across the cosmos. So even though Broly has the power to beat Moro, he doesn't necessarily have the battle experience of technical fight skills to match the villain. And in that sense, Broly would end up losing to Moro for the same exact reasoning he'll always lose to Goku.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.