Dragon Ball Super Details the Dark Side of Divine Power

When Dragon Ball Super made its debut, fans were introduced to an entirely new way for Saiyans to [...]

When Dragon Ball Super made its debut, fans were introduced to an entirely new way for Saiyans to power up. The advent of the Super Saiyan God impressed netizens across the board, but that was just the start for the franchise. A new pantheon has been introduced to the series, leaving characters like Vegeta to train in order to live up to their godly rivals. However, as fans learned in the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, there is a dark side to divine power that the villain Moro never cared to understand.

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 65 SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super chapter 65, Goku has used the complete power of Perfected Ultra Instinct to finally best evil sorcerer Moro in battle. Instead of finishing Moro off with an easy kill, Goku instead restores the villain's stamina with a Senzu Bean and keeps trying to reform him into something better. Instead, Moro uses one last remnant of his power-copying ability to steal the power of Ultra Instinct for himself!

However, while Moro is able to initially take on Goku in a fierce Ultra Instinct vs. Ultra Instinct battle, the villain learns that Goku has been playing him. As Moro expends more Ultra Instinct power, his body begins to swell and distend, Akira-style. As it turns out, Ultra Instinct isn't a power that can just be taken and instantly wielded; a warrior has to earn the right to use the power, by training his or her body to be able to withstand the taxation of divine energy.

During Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, Goku wasn't yet far enough along in his training to fully handle the cost of using Ultra Instinct. He overcame that gap by training with the angel Merus in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber; Moro has done no training at all, on the other hand. When the villain taps into too much Ultra Instinct power, too fast, the result was inevitable.

Dragon Ball Super Divine Powers Ultra Instinct Explained

Goku seemed to understand this throughout the fight - first interrogating Moro about why he's never pursued more extensive training, then goading the villain to use more and more of Ultra Instinct's power, until Moro's body gives out. As Goku points out, Moro's main lieutenant Saganbo made the same error in trying to absorb new power, and it ultimately destroyed the alien thug in a gruesome way.

However, instead of letting himself be destroyed by his own power, Moro throws Goku a new twist: the villain fuses with the Earth itself, and is now a ticking time-bomb that could wipe out the galaxy. It's this other dark side of divine power that could have the most impact of Dragon Ball Super: Mortals tapping into divine powers they can't control. The gods may end up feeling some kind of way about that!

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.