Dragon Ball Super Villain Goes Full Akira With His Latest Transformation

It's always funny to see shades of one anime or manga series echoed in another, and today Dragon Ball Super managed to take things to a very Akira-style place, as the series' latest villain, Moro, managed to unlock a power-up that his body simply could not handle. What results is Moro having to face much the same fate as Akira's tragic figure Tetsuo Shima, as the power inside of him grossly distorts his physical body, to the point of posing threat to the entire planet. Of course, since this is Dragon Ball and not Akira, the outcome of this calamity is very different!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super chapter 65 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga, Goku stands in victory over Moro, having bested the all-powerful villain using the godly power of Perfected Ultra Instinct. In a (foolish) act of mercy, Goku tries to offer mercy to Moro (instead of death), if the villain will reform and commit to returning to prison. In a double-cross that surprised no one, Moro instead uses the offer of mercy (and a Senzu bean) to try and gain an advantage on Goku. And thanks to one last remnant of his power-copying ability, Moro gets that chance.

Goku's slip-up allows Moro to copy the Ultra Instinct ability and manifest the power himself. He and Goku wage an all-out Ultra Instinct vs. Ultra Instinct fight, but ultimately Goku once again bests his opponent. As it turns out, Moro miscalculated his theft of Ultra Instinct; it isn't just a power that can be instantly manifested - the mental and physical work of achieving the state must be done. Moro's body - powerful as it is - has never been trained and honed to withstand that level of godly power. Moro begins to go "Full Akira" as his body swells like a freakish balloon.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 65 Spoilers Moro Ultra Instinct Akira
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Moro gets bigger and bigger until he's a hulking giant blob of a beast. But as stated, this is Dragon Ball, and so things get taken to a cartoonish new level of absurdity, as Moro burrows his way into the ground, and fuses with the Earth itself. Now Goku has a happy dilemma to face: Destroy Earth, or Moro's Akira-freakout could become a galaxy-ending event. The only hope may lie in Vegeta saving the day this time...

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.