‘Dragon Ball Super’ Reveals Universe 7’s Next Victim

Warning! Major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super lie below!

After a long battle, Dragon Ball Super just bid farewell to two universes after the pair went up against Universe 7. Goku’s squad took down Universes 2 and 6 after its fighters team up, but the squad isn’t invincible. According to new synopses, Universe 7 will soon lose another member, and Piccolo fans are pissed.

Over in Japan, Animedia shared its synopsis for Dragon Ball Super’s 120th episode. The release confirms the anime’s previous episode will eliminate Piccolo from the Tournament of Power as the Namekian falls prey to Universe 4’s secret invisible weapon.

“Despite Piccolo accidentally falling from the arena,” the synopsis reads, “the warriors of Universe 7 have managed to defeat two tricky opponents, the invisible Gamisaras and the insectoid Damon, resulting in Universe 4's destruction.”

So, there you have it. Piccolo will be ringed out in episode 119, and fans think the Namekian may not be the only Universe 7 hero to go. Animedia’s synopsis for 119 teases Android 18 will come under fire from Universe 4. The summary says the heroine is “not sure how to fight this invisible enemy,” so 18 could very well go out along with Piccolo. The double-elimination would weigh heavily on Universe 7 given its previous outings, and Universe 11 wouldn’t be sad to see Goku’s squad lose a few members.


Even if Piccolo is the only fighter to be eliminated, Universe 7 will suffer a great loss. The Namekian is a powerful member of the team, but fans know the hero has long been shafted in the series to make room for its Saiyans. The Tournament of Power makes no apologies for its focus on Goku, and the Saiyan will surely be the team's last fighter standing. However, fans do wish Piccolo had gotten a few more fights before he met his lackluster elimination from the tournament.

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