'Dragon Ball Super' Finale Teases Bigger Goku vs Jiren Future Battle

Dragon Ball Super's finale episode taught poor Jiren why it's important to always roll with posse - one that you can trust implicitly to get your back when it comes down to the wire. Thanks to the teamwork of Goku, Freeza, and Android 17, Jiren was defeated and Universe 7 took home the win!

In a move of true heroism, Tournament of Power winner No. 17 used the Super Dragon Balls for a benevolent wish: he resurrected all of the universes erased in the ToP (and maybe even a few others, as well!). When Jiren and the Universe 11 Pride Troopers returned to existence, Goku had some parting words for his most formidable opponent ever: he wanted them to fight again, somebody. In a sign that he finally truly understands comraderie, Jiren accepted with a smile - and just like that, Dragon Ball Super's finale may have already set up one of the greatest rematches of all time for the installment of the anime series!

The best part is: Goku and Jiren's rematch will be bigger and better than what we got the first time!

No Holds Barred Ultra

Goku vs. Jiren Rematch Next Dragon Ball Anime Series

In the Tournament of Power, Goku and Jiren were forced to battle under strict rules, like no ring-outs and no killing, with a limited area of space (or void, rather) to battle in. Wherever the pair of "Universal Strongest" meet again, you can bet that it will be under circumstances that allow them to fight no holds barred, so that they can really test their limits.

One of the many epilogues we got with Dragon Ball Super's ending was Goku admitting to Vegeta during a sparring match after the ToP that he can no longer access Ultra Instinct. As Goku stated to Jiren before they parted, their fight truly made each of them stronger; in order to unlock those respective power-levels again, Goku and Jiren would need to continue to push one another.

It would be a truly cool move if Dragon Ball's next anime series actually opened with a time jump that saw Goku and Jiren regularly training together. It would actually be a great and novel way to open the next series on an exciting action sequence, rather than the slower, status quo filler we can get at the start of a Dragon Ball arc. The animation for Goku and Jiren's final battle was bar-raising, and we know a lot of fans can't wait to get more of it in front of their eyeballs.


While we may have to wait a long time for more Dragon Ball anime, hopefully we won't have to wait too long for more Goku vs. Jiren once it does arrive.

The Dragon Ball Super movie will be released in December, with new anime series announcements expected soon. The Dragon Ball Super dub series airs Saturday nights @ 10:30 on Toonami.