Did ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Just Spoil a New Goku Power-Up?

Goku has more than a few forms when you count them all up. The hero’s Super Saiyan states are enough to trip up audiences, but Goku could be coming up on yet another form. New spoilers for the franchise just hit, and they have got Goku fans scratching their heads.

This week, Weekly Shonen Jump will release a new synopsis for Dragon Ball Super. Scans of the blurb seem to have hit the Internet early, and the description of episode 123 teases a new Super Saiyan Blue evolution.

You can read up on the spoiler-friendly synopsis below:

“Goku is finally at full power! He transforms into Super Saiyan Blue,” the spoiler reveals. “Goku finally challenges Jiren! For this final battle, he transforms into full power Super Saiyan Blue!”

The note about Super Saiyan Blue Goku tapping into the form's full power is what caught everyone’s attention. In the manga, the mentioned state has already introduced, but it has never made it to the anime. Dragon Ball Super showed fans the power-up in the chapter “Son Goku’s Evolution”, and it packed a punch despite lacking any physical changes.

The biggest difference between SSB and SSB Full Power is that it requires some very intense focus. The state is a high-risk one with lots of benefits if it is done right. Goku used the state to take on Fused Zamasu by himself for spell. Vegeta also tapped into the full-powered form, and it got a rise out of Beerus during a spar.


Of course, the synopsis may not be referring the actual power-up. Goku has been trying to regain his stamina ever since Jiren beat him in a fight, so the Saiyan may finally recoup his strength. Technically, it would let Goku use his SSB form to its fullest strength, so fans may not get to see the power-up they are all thinking is in store.

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