Dragon Ball Super Lights Up Goku with a New Goal

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter continues the climactic battle of the 'Galactic Patrol [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter continues the climactic battle of the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, with Vegeta finally getting unveil his new set of powers against Planet-Eater Moro. While Goku's new Ultra Instinct power failed miserably against Moro, Vegeta instead went to Planet Yardrat to unlock the secret of how its inhabitants are able to achieve such unique techniques with their bodies. That quest led Vegeta to master control of his spirit and achieve a technique that can actually defeat Moro. Vegeta's progress is so astounding, that the Saiyan Prince has ignited a fire in Goku to reach a new goal!

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 61 SPOILERS Follow!

Vegeta's new technique is Forced Spirit Fission, which allows him to separate an opponent from any energy that has been absorbed or fused together. With the technique, Vegeta is able to effectively drain Moro of all the energy the "Planet-Eater" has stolen while terrorizing the universe. Seeing Vegeta's strategy put to work, Goku is immediately struck by a new obsession: catching up to Vegeta's new level of power!

As Piccolo and Goku watch Vegeta take on Moro, the former remarks how much Vegeta has grown in his character, as much as his power: "It's all because he met you, Goku. You've changed him," Piccolo tells Goku. "...It looks like Vegeta managed to one-up you this time."

Goku being Goku, he has only one response to the thought of Vegeta surpassing his power: "Yeah. But I'll surpass him again - just you wait!"

Dragon Ball Super Goku New Training Powers Goal vs Vegeta Manga 61
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

This moment in Dragon Ball Super is the fulfillment of so many fans' long-awaited desire to see Vegta step out in front of Goku. Since Dragon Ball Z first introduced him, Vegeta has been relegated to constantly catching up to Goku's power-ups and transformations. While Vegeta tended to achieve those transformations faster, it was always only after Goku had shown him the way. In "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" the Saiyan Prince vowed to never let Goku's power be his salvation again, after they were nearly killed by Moro in battle. With Forced Spirit Fission - and all the the power that comes with it - Vegeta has stepped ahead of Goku in terms of understanding Saiyan power, and controlling it. It's not just one technique he's mastered: Vegeta's opened the door to all kinds of new powers, down the line.

So, while Goku can train to sustain Ultra Instinct longer, the finer points of controlling energy and manipulating it is something is now completely outclassed in. It'll be interesting to see how he goes about closing that gap.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The anime is still on hiatus.