Dragon Ball Super Hypes New Arc with Chapter 70 PV

The Granolah The Survivor Arc is in full swing in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, throwing [...]

The Granolah The Survivor Arc is in full swing in the pages of Dragon Ball Super's manga, throwing a brand new foil into the mix when it comes to the progression of Goku and Vegeta, and the franchise is wasting little time in promoting the heart-pounding saga with a new brief trailer, giving fans a rundown of the latest events. With Granolah having a bone to pick with both the Saiyans and their former master, Freeza, it's clear that the warrior is willing to go to any length in order to avenge the loss of his race, the Cerealians.

In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we were able to see how far that Granolah is willing to go in order to get his long-awaited revenge, wishing on the Dragon Balls of his planet in order to become the "greatest warrior in the universe". Much like the fabled "Monkey's Paw", this wish came with a big price, as Granolah had to sacrifice all but three of his years in the living world in order to achieve the strength necessary to take down Freeza and his minions. Unfortunately for Goku and Vegeta, it seems that the two Saiyans will be dragged straight into Granolah's path as the Heeters pit them against one another.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the newest trailer for Dragon Ball Super's manga, giving fans of the Shonen franchise a brief look into the events that transpired in the most recent chapter while also examining how this intergalactic bounty hunter was able to become a serious threat to the Z Fighters:

Fans of Dragon Ball Super are still waiting on word as to when the anime will return from its hiatus, having stopped running new episodes following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc. With material to be mined from both the Moro Arc and the recent feature-length film of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, there are plenty of episodes that could potentially be aired in the anime from its source material before it eventually catches up to the Granolah Arc.

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