Dragon Ball Super: Has Moro Seen Ultra Instinct Before?

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc, 'Galactic Patrol Prisoner' is now in its climatic phase, [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest story arc, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" is now in its climatic phase, with a nice Dragon Ball Z throwback vibe that sees a newly-powered-up Goku returning to Earth just in the nick of time. New villain Planet-Eater Moro and his gang of magically-enhanced convicts have been terrorizing the planet, while Gohan, Piccolo, and the rest of the Z-Fighters have tried to hold their ground. This desperate game of running out the clock has been played so that Goku can unlock the fully-mastered form of the mysterious Ultra Instinct technique, but Dragon Ball Super chapter 58 is dropping hints that this time, Goku could fail miserably.

That's because there's a moment in the latest Dragon Ball Super manga that makes it seem like Moro may have seen Ultra Instinct, long before meeting Goku!

Warning! SPOILERS Follow! - In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Goku comes warping back to Earth and quickly saves his Z-Fighter friends and family, by thrashing Moro's convicts in the blink of an eye. When Moro realizes that Goku is attacking using some form of power, he sacrifices his own best henchman, Saganbo, to draw out Goku's new technique. When Goku finally goes into his Ultra Instinct Sign form, Moro quickly states the obvious: "This is no mortal ability."

Goku responds with, "That's right. The initial stage of the technique of the Gods. Ultra Instinct Sign!"

Although Moro may not know the exact lingo, the fact that he new the nature of Goku's power is a major red flag. The villain's origin story dates back ten million years, when Moro was terrorizing the universe, consuming entire planets of their life-force, killing entire species in the process. The gods of the universe (and specifically Grand Supreme Kai "Daikaioh") eventually had to step in and put Moro down themselves, to protect life in their universe.

We only got small flashbacks to Daikaioh and Moro's final battle, when the Grand Supreme Kai sacrificed his own godly energy to seal Moro's magic away. The extent of the battles Moro had could have very well included Ultra Instinct, as the technique is one reserved for divine beings like gods and angels - until a Saiyan named Goku came along, that is.

It doesn't really matter if Moro knows this exact technique by this exact name; the malevolent sorcerer has faced divine powers before, and nearly overcame them with the might of his dark magic. Unless Goku can use Ultra Instinct to seal Moro's magic again, this battle may already be decided. Hopefully Vegeta's studies in Spirit Control can win the day.