This Ultra Realistic ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Cosplay Has Fans Shook

The anime fandom has some very intense cosplayers, but there are few who do it as well as Sosenka. Over the years, the makeup artist has brought several of Akira Toriyama’s characters to life in ultra realistic ways. So, it is not surprising to see Jiren get a makeover from the fan.

Fans, as you may have expected, are going nuts over the look.

Over on Twitter, Sosenka shared her latest Dragon Ball cosplay with stunned fans. “My realistic version of Jiren the Grey,” the artist captioned the photo, and Sosenka is not wrong about calling the look realistic.

As you can see above, the cosplay of Jiren reimagines the anime fighter as one out-of-this-world alien. Jiren is given an elongated face that gives him a classically alien look, and his slanted eyes only add to his X-Files aesthetic. The anime character’s smooth purple skin has been upgraded into a mottled grey look, and his ears protrude in a way that could make some fans feel queasy.

When it comes to Jiren’s body, Sosenka went all-out to pad the man’s physique. The cosplayer may be tiny herself, but some well-placed padding gives the the girl shoulders broad enough to satisfy the Pride Trooper. Sosenka also recreated Jiren’s impressive abs, and she pulls off the fighter’s exaggerated proportions with ease.


If you are not familiar with Jiren, then you should know the character is one of the strongest ever introduced in Dragon Ball. The fighter was formally brought into Dragon Ball Super during the ‘Universal Survival’ arc as the Omni-Kings prepared his subjects for a deadly battle. Universe 11 convinced Jiren to represent it at the event, and the man is said to be stronger than his own God of Destruction. When Goku was able to finally fight Jiren, the buff alien won the match despite the Saiyan unlocking a new form during the battle. And, despite Jiren’s quite persona, he has become a favorite with fans thanks to his insane power.

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