Dragon Ball Super Reveals Tien's Hilarious Weakness

Dragon Ball Super is out with a brand-new chapter, and it seems big things are in store for the [...]

Dragon Ball Super is out with a brand-new chapter, and it seems big things are in store for the Z-Fighters. The gang are all on Earth going to bat against Moro and his army. The gang is very determined to suck all life from the planet, and Goku is missing in action with Vegeta. So when the battle begins, everything falls to the Z-Fighters, and it was there fans learned one of Tien's secret weaknesses.

The reveal was made when chapter 57 went live, and the update focused on Tien and Chiaotzu. The pair were pitted against a fighter made completely out of metal, and that should sound familiar. After all, Magetta from Universe 6 had a similar power, and it seems this Universe 7 baddie is his mirror.

Of course, the alien is not vulnerable to hits and blows, but there is one thing that will knock the baddie out. Chiaotzu recalls the metal man is. weak to insults as it makes him overheat with anger... but Tien is more than hopeless with his insults.

You can watch as Tien does his best to insult the villain, and he is visibly nervous. Once upon a time, the fighter was very good at trash talking, but it has been awhile since Tien used those skills. That is why he bombed terribly at the task, leaving him open to several hits from the Universe 7 baddie.

Thankfully, Chiaotzu has kept sharp with his wit and words. The fighter is able to send the baddie into a tizzy with a few sharp jabs. Tien is plenty surprised at how harsh his friend was, but the insults were needed. If the pair are going to save the world, they've got to get mean, and that means the occasional bout of trash talking.

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