Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Galactic Patrol's Prison

Dragon Ball Super's newest arc is titled the "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc, and kicked off when the powerful new villain, Planet Eater Moro, escaped from his 10,000 year plus sentence. This had fans thinking that the series would explore new sides of the Galactic Patrol faction introduced to the franchise, and previous chapters of the series have fleshed out their role even more. But the latest chapter of the series revealed a new key piece of the Galactic Patrol, their prison.

Fans have seen Jaco pick up notorious criminals in the series before, and Merus take in a few thieves when the newest arc began, but Chapter 50 of the series revealed where all of these criminals are kept in a remote corner of space.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 50 Galactic Prison
(Photo: Viz Media)

Chapter 50 of the series sees various members of the Galactic Patrol still trying to recover from the damage left by Planet Eater Moro's escape. They mention how the Galactic Prison has been heightened with super strong defenses, and wonder how they'll be able to keep Moro locked up after he managed to get out the first time. But they're confident that he's the only one to worry about as they assume none of the other criminals can get out on their own.

The chapter also reveals a central unit where the guards keep an eye on all the criminals, who are kept in cells locked within force fields. There's no real indication of how many prisoners are here, but the implication is that it's quite a few. But this doesn't matter too much as soon the criminals escape thanks to the power of Moro's third Dragon Ball wish, and begin a major breakout.

Though the defenses of the prison itself seemed to be strong enough to hold these prisoners back, the Galactic Patrol themselves were unequipped to deal with such a surprise. Many of them were quickly overtaken when the prisoners managed to grab hold of a weapon, so while the Prison seems to be stocked with the latest in defence technology it didn't hold up to the machinations of Moro, who planned this big breakout from the very start.

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