New Dragon Ball Super Gives Unnamed Villain Some Superman Powers

The forces of Moro have been unleashed! With Goku and Vegeta in retreat after suffering bitter defeat at the hands of the energy sapping sorcerer and his band of outlaws in the previous manga chapter, Moro has begun travelling from planet to planet in order to sap their energies to use for himself. While travelling to each of these planets, Moro first has his underlings, who are swimming with their leader's power themselves, clear out the troublemakers before he makes like Marvel's Galactus and absorbs the planet. Now, one of Moro's unnamed henchmen has unleashed a power very similar to a certain Kryptonian's.

While eyebeams certainly aren't anything new in the world of Dragon Ball, as Piccolo for example has unleashed his own from time to time, never before have they been unleashed with such destructive force as in this recent chapter. The henchman of Moro, who may or may not be this Universe's version of the assassin "Hit", unleashes some energy/heat vision that completely eradicates his opponents in their path. Whether or not this is entirely the henchman's power or if it's boosted by Moro's influence is yet to be seen, but Moro's reign of destruction is sure to continue.

The age old question of who would win in a fight between Son Goku and Superman has been around as long as we can remember. Though at this point in the Dragon Ball franchise, with Goku managing to not just access the power of a Super Saiyan God, but Ultra Instinct to boot, we have to imagine that Kal-El's chances aren't as hot as they once were at taking the win. While Superman's power is still nothing to sneeze at, Goku's power level continues to explode with each passing chapter of the Dragon Ball franchise where as Clark's stays somewhat stagnant.

Superman DBZ
(Photo: DC Comics & Viz Media)

While there's been no mentions recently as to when, or if, the anime series will be returning, it goes without saying that Moro will be sure to make an appearance


What do you think of the power of Moro's henchmen? Could this unnamed villain be Hit's doppelganger? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and whether or not Goku would beat Superman in a fight!

Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block on Saturday evenings, and is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese-language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll. The manga has chapters that can currently be read for free thanks to Viz Media, and Dragon Ball Super's big movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.