Dragon Ball Super Gives Sneak-Peek at Chapter 60

Although the effects of the novel coronavirus have had an impact on weekly anime and manga [...]

Although the effects of the novel coronavirus have had an impact on weekly anime and manga productions, luckily the release of Dragon Ball Super's next chapter is still proceeding as scheduled as of this writing. Shueisha's V-Jump magazine is currently on track, and that means we will finally see where the fight between Goku and Moro will go next. There are lots of possibilities up in the air now that Goku has reached a new level of control over Ultra Instinct Sign, yet Moro counters all of that by getting even stronger and showing off new kinds of magic.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 is currently scheduled to release through Viz Media's Shonen Jump digital library for Free on Wednesday, May 20th. But if you wanted a spoiler filled sneak peek at what's to come, @DBSChronicles on Twitter has spotted a few draft pages from the next chapter of the series. You can find the Tweet in question below, but beware of spoilers!

According to @DBSChronicles, Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super will be titled "Merus' Miscalculation." This is particularly huge on its own considering Moro has yet to make any major mistake in the fights against Goku and Vegeta so far, and this could tease a much needed swing in momentum back in Goku's favor. The draft depicts the two of them preparing to fight with their ki on at full blast.

That's not the extent of it as the two of them are seemingly taunting one another by forcibly clashing their auras together. As a show of strength from the both of them are pushing the other Z-Fighters back purely on ki alone. With Moro now out to prove that he can defeat Goku without absorbing his ki (because he doesn't need it to get stronger in the first place), it seems he's trying all sorts of new tactics to cut down Goku's pride.

Are you excited to finally read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 when it drops in a few days? How do you think the fight between Ultra Instinct Sign Goku and Moro will go? Do you think Vegeta will show up this time around? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!