Dragon Ball Super Reveals the Results of Vegeta's Intense Training

Dragon Ball Super fans have been waiting for the series to throw Vegeta a bone for quite awhile. They got a hint of a treat when Super Saiyan Blue Evolution debuted, but they have been hungry for more ever since. Now, it seems like Vegeta has gotten the power boost fans have so desperately wanted, and he hasn't even completed his latest round of training.

Not too long ago, fans were treated with a brand-new chapter. It was there fans checked in on Vegeta, and they learned the Saiyan has been busy training. In fact, his work helped him fight one of Moro's minions when they hit up Yardrat, and Vegeta's mentor tried to warn the fighter to cool his jets.

"You're still in training. Be mindful of how you wield that power, okay?"

Of course, Vegeta is not one to heed rules, so he goes all out from the start. But even the Saiyan was stunned to see how powerful his Ki blast was. It took hardly any effort and outdid the size of any Vegeta has done as of late.

"You just witnessed your own nascent power," Vegeta's guide tells him once he arrives at the battlefield. "Before your training here, your body and spirit were so off-balance that you couldn't project your own power very well."

It looks like Vegeta's meditative training has done wonders for his power, so fans are eager to see his power once training is done. The Saiyan has more to do before Moro arrives on Earth, so here's to hoping his Yardrat boot camp serves Vegeta well.


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