Master Roshi Is Still A Huge Pervert In 'Dragon Ball Super's New Episode

When it comes to anime, there are more perverted characters out there than you can count. Guys like Jiraiya and Issei Hyodo have dominated the market as of late, but Dragon Ball fans know Master Roshi could smoke the two. Dragon Ball Super went out of its way to remind fans of the character’s lecherous nature, and it did not do so subtly.

This weekend, the anime shared its latest episode and saw Universe 7 come under fire from Universe 4. The latter team got Goku’s squad flustered when one of its invisible members headed into battle. Fighters like Gohan and Android 18 struggled to get their bearings against the Universe 4 fighter, but Master Roshi knew just how to track the unseen enemy.

“Speaking of an invisible person,” Roshi muttered to himself from the stands before being struck with an idea. The older man leaned forward and yelled out to his teammates.

“Hey, Gohan, cover it with something,” Roshi said. “Use blood from your nose!”

Gohan looked less than pleased by the idea, but Roshi seemed happy with his suggestion. The older man was seen wearing a lewd smile, and Dragon Ball fans were left to laugh and face-palm over the unsurprising advice.

After all, Roshi is the kind of nosebleeds when it comes to Dragon Ball. If you have see much of the Turtle Hermit, then you know Goku’s mentor is a renowned pervert who likes to peek on girls and look at porn. In the world of anime, lascivious characters like this are often given nosebleeds to signal their sexual interests, so Roshi knows how easy it is to spot someone when they are covered in blood. Really, it is surprising Roshi didn’t tell Android 17 to excite the unseen fighter from Universe 4, but it is best he didn’t. Krillin may have killed his mentor.


If you are confused about Roshi’s nosebleed comment, then you should know it has to do with a popular anime trope. Japan has notorious strict censorship laws for anime, but many series bypass direct talk about sexual arousal by using nosebleeds. In fact, nosebleeds are often used to indicate a character being sexually aroused, and the trope comes after male and female characters alike.

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