Fiscal Reports Confirm 'Dragon Ball' Is Outselling 'One Piece' and 'Gundam'

Money may not be everything, but it can sure do a lot of things. When it comes to anime, a [...]

Money may not be everything, but it can sure do a lot of things. When it comes to anime, a title's tenure all comes down to how much cash it collects, and shonen shows are known for bringing in all kinds of money. So, fans are not surprised to hear Dragon Ball Super is a profitable title.

Actually, the franchise is more than profitable. If you breakdown Toei Comapny's latest fiscal reports, you can see Dragon Ball Super is its top-earner period.

Recently, Toei released their internal revenue reports for the 2018 fiscal year, and the charts reveal just how much money Dragon Ball Super makes. Its third-quarter numbers show its top titles for domestic licensing, overseas licensing, and overseas films. As you can see, Dragon Ball Super tops all three of those categories by a significant margin.

Dragon Ball is currently TOEI's biggest grossing franchise, leading in categories such as Domestic Licensing, Overseas Film, and Overseas Licesing. from r/dbz

When it comes to domestic licensing, Dragon Ball Super is a verifiable beast. The title earned 4,911,000,000 yen in 3Q of 2018 while One Piece came in second with 2.6 billion yen. Pretty Cure and Saint Seiya followed the top two runners to round out the list.

As for overseas licensing, Dragon Ball Super's 3Q revenue took up more than half of its top list. The franchise earned nearly 4 billion yen while One Piece came second with 1.6 billion. Saint Seiya and Digimon came after respectively. Overseas film was also headed up by Dragon Ball Super as it earned 2.1 billion yen in 3Q while One Piece, Pretty Cure, and Sailor Moon fell after.

From these numbers alone, Dragon Ball Super earned some serious revenue in 3Q, and these categories aren't the only ones Toei tracks for itself. These charts prove Dragon Ball Super earned at least 11 billion yen in 3Q, a number which equates to 104,060,000 in USD. That is an insane amount, and it does not even account for any merchandise sales. Bandai Namco already confirmed Dragon Ball led the charge with its 3Q revenue as it beat out Mobile Suit Gundam in a surprise turn. The franchise brought in 65 billion yen, leaving One Piece and Naruto in the dust with their 30.4 billion and 8.9 billion totals.

Dragon Ball Super may have ended its TV show last weekend, but these numbers show that the franchise has never been more profitable. With a new movie coming in December, the odds are stacked in Toei Animation's favor should it either revive its last Dragon Ball show or create a new one. So, here is to hoping the company reveals the franchise's fate sooner rather than later.

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