‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases Fans About A New Character

Dragon Ball Super is working its way through the Tournament of Power, and tensions are high with Universe 7. After the loss of Universe 4, there is more pressure on the event’s fighters to stick it out. However, it looks like the series may still have a surprise up its sleeve.

Earlier today, V-Jump released its latest issue ahead of schedule in light of Jump Festa this weekend. The release failed to announce major anime updates, but Dragon Ball Heroes did get fans buzzing about the show’s next episodes. After all, the magazine hinted a new card is coming to the franchise, and it will contain a mystery character who hasn’t been shown in the anime just yet.

Thanks to fan translators, anime fans learned about Dragon Ball Heroes’ tangential teaser. “This Heroes card shows a character set to appear in the DBS anime,” Herms98 summarized on Twitter. “Well, maybe ‘shows’ is too strong a word.’

The image, which you can see here, simply shows a blacked-out card with a teaser caption lying atop it. Shueisha is keeping quiet on who the fighter will be, but fans think Dragon Ball Super has actually shown this mystery character already.

After all, Aniraza seems like it is the only option let for the games to add in.

When Dragon Ball Super returns this weekend, it is set to debut a new merged fighter. Universe 3 will show off its secret weapon, but its episode preview did show part of the character. At least three of Universe 3’s fighters will merge to create a Megazord-type monster who Universe 7 will go up against, and it is being called Aniraza. The character has been shown briefly, but it has yet to feature in a full episode. Dragon Ball Heroes may be gearing up to bring the special robotic fighter to its line-up in 2018, but there is a chance the game could surprise us.


You know, there ARE still fans out there convinced Hit really did make a clone before he was taken out...

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