New Dragon Ball Super Manga Retells 'Broly' Movie from Goku's Perspective

The Dragon Ball Super film featuring the legendary Super Saiyan of Broly wasn't just one of the most successful movies in the franchise, but it also added some big story beats to the continuity of Akira Toriyama's franchise. With the insanely powerful warrior being given a brand new origin and a serious power boost from his first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, the manga has decided to give us a quick recap of the events that took place during the initial brawl between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly with an extra chapter. Of course, the added twist of this story is that Goku is our narrator for the proceedings as he recounts the tale to the Galactic Patrol!

Twitter User GovetaXV shared the pages from the extra chapter of Dragon Ball Super Volume 11 where Son Goku explains how the fight started with the pair of heroes in Goku and Vegeta and ended with the creation of the fusion dance produced character that is Gogeta:

For those who had seen the recently released film, you know that Broly is still among the land of the living, having been teleported to his new adopted planet following a wish to Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. With Gogeta unleashing one of the most powerful Kamehamehas of all time, the attack didn't manage to hit its target and the legendary Super Saiyan is now something of an anti-hero, being offered to become a training partner for Goku. More than likely, Broly will be returning to the franchise at some point.

Certainly, Goku and Vegeta could use Broly's help in defeating the ancient sorcerer of Moro as he tries to steal the energy of all the planets in the universe and the enemies that stand in his way!


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