Fans Cannot Unsee This 'Dragon Ball Super', Nike Connection

Nike might be making a bid for the anime audience, as Dragon Ball Super fans noted a conspicuous [...]

Nike might be making a bid for the anime audience, as Dragon Ball Super fans noted a conspicuous similarity between one of their jackets and the Universe Survival Saga.

As user @_StylesZX2 pointed out on Twitter, a certain high-collared Windrunner training jacket from Nike bears a striking resemblance to the uniforms worn by Universe 11's fighters. The windbreaker is bright read from the waist to the shoulders, where it has a black triangle meeting in the center of the chest. The jacket even has a straight, rigid collar, similar to the turtle neck look of Universe 11's matching suits.

Fans lost it over the comparison, joking in the replies about sinister sponsorship deals and professional sports. One person even took it a bit further, comparing both looks to the uniforms worn by Captain Picard and his team on Star Trek: The Next generation.

However, to many fans the cross-over comparisons were just more reasons to buy the specific jacket. As a subtle nod to their fandom, the jacket would still blend seamlessly into every day life. Unfortunately, the jacket is no longer listed on Nike's official website in the red and black colors. A few commenters posted links to third party sellers, though they all came at exorbitant mark-ups with crazy shipping fees.

If you have to miss out on a Dragon Ball fashion trend, this one might be for the best. Fans who are keeping up with the Dragon Ball Super english dub on Adult Swim's Toonami block are about to be introduced to the Universe 11 squad, and after that they might not want to steal their look. The fighters are a ruthless, well-organized bunch who give Goku and his friends a run for their money.

Team Universe also calls itself the Pride Troopers. They work under the direction of their God of Destruction, Belmod. The clown has more practice than other destroyer in directing his fighters. THe team even includes Dyspo, a being apparently of the same race as Beerus himself.

Unfortunately, the Universe Survival Saga is all that is left of Dragon Ball Super. New fans should cherish the storyline, as it may wrap up the story for quite some time. After that, they will have the movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which comes out this winter, and nothing else for a while.

English Dubbed episodes of Dragon Ball Super air every Saturday at 9:30 p.m. ET on Adult Swim's Toonami. Dragon Ball Super: Broly hits theaters in Japan on Dec. 14. It is expected to come to North America some time in January of 2019, though no date has been set yet.