Dragon Ball Super Finally Pits Goku and Vegeta Against Granolah

Dragon Ball Super finally pit Goku and Vegeta against Granolah with the newest chapter of the [...]

Dragon Ball Super finally pit Goku and Vegeta against Granolah with the newest chapter of the series! The manga is still making its way through the Granolah the Survivor arc with the newest chapter, and the titular Granolah has been the key point of interest for the past few chapters. After learning that he was willing to give up years of his life to become the strongest in the universe, there has been a major question as to how he would act when face to face with two new Saiyans after finding out that they and Freeza were still alive.

The previous chapter of the series ended with a major cliffhanger teasing that we would finally see Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah facing off against one another after the Heeters brought Goku and Vegeta toward Planet Cereal. The newest chapter of the series makes good on this promise by having the trio finally fight off against one another as they put Granolah's title of strongest in the universe to a real test.

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Chapter 72 of the series brings Goku and Vegeta to Cereal officially, and the two of them are quickly sniped at from afar by Granolah. Goku (even with the use of Ultra Instinct) and Vegeta struggle to dodge Granolah's ki blasts, and Goku is hit in a vital spot early on. Even when Goku and Vegeta meet Granolah head on when they're all on the ground, Granolah is moving far too fast to keep up with.

Granolah even uses a technique much like Hakai, and Goku and Vegeta quickly realize that they are out of their depth here. But after getting their bearings, Vegeta opens up about how he has no desire for teamwork in this fight. Just like how the two of them had done in the past, Vegeta even tells Goku to take his turn first as Vegeta just wants to prove his superiority over his rival.

Granolah continues to reveal his strength and abilities against Goku while Vegeta waits for his turn, but as the fight starts to break out, it's clear that this will be far from the main conflict of it all as Goku and Vegeta will eventually sort out the misunderstandings between themselves and Granolah.

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