Dragon Ball Super Unveils Its Ambitious Trap for Goku and Vegeta

When it comes to Dragon Ball Super, Goku and Vegeta are always at the front of things. The two Saiyans make no apologies for their star status, and that is fine by fans. That does mean the pair are most often targeted by villains first, and it seems a slew of foes are gaining on Goku right now. And if they have it their way, they will ensnare the Saiyans into quite the trap soon.

The whole situation was laid out for fans in the manga's newest update. It was there in chapter 71 that Goku and Vegeta found themselves face to face with two familiar foes. The only problem is that they don't know to be on their guard. A pair of the Heeters showed up on Earth to pay Vegeta and Goku to do a job. And of course, the job is to take out Granolah.

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As you might remember, the Heeters have a tenuous connection to Granolah, and the Cerealian isn't enamored with the gang. He does bounty hunter work just fine, but if Granolah were to find out the Heeters orchestrated his race's demise, he would flip in an instant. The gang is now eager to take care of Granolah after he wished to become the most powerful fighter in the universe, so the thugs hired Goku and Vegeta to do their dirty work.

Of course, the Saiyans do not know Granolah is not to blame for all of this. They have been told the bounty hunter is as bad as they come, and Vegeta's love of fighting might push him to fall for this scheme. It is hard to imagine the trio not butting heads, and Granolah is keen on killing the Saiyans since their race killed his people under Freeza's orders. However, Goku might spoil the trap if he gives in to his instincts.

After all, Goku has been able to differentiate foe from a friend before. Back in the day, he was able to take mercy on Future Trunks when they met as Goku knew the fighter would not hurt anyone. There is no telling if Granolah will have such an aura, but fans are hoping Goku and Granolah can find some middle ground down the line. The only real villains around are the Heeters, so let's hope the gang gets what is coming.


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