Dragon Ball Super May Have Answered an Important Question About Its New Androids

Later this year, Dragon Ball Super will make its comeback on screen, and we have the movies to thank for its return. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero promises to give Gohan and Piccolo the spotlight when it goes live, and Goku will be around to provide backup if anyone gets to close. Right now, it seems the Red Ribbon Army will be the main baddies here, and they've got some new androids to boot... but these newcomers might not be as evil as we imagined. 

If you have kept up with the anime so far, you will know Dragon Ball Super is about to debut some new androids. Gamma One and Gamma Two showed up in the very first teaser for the upcoming movie, and their superhero aesthetic is hard to mistake. If the movie's name was not clear enough, Dragon Ball Super is going to focus on superheroes before long, but these new androids are a bit confused about their allegiances.

According to a new promo, the Gamma androids have been programmed to believe Goku and his friends are villains. The group is referred to as an "enemy organization" by the androids, so that is why they refer to themselves as superheroes in the movie's trailer. This also explains why Goku and Vegeta are pictured by the Red Ribbon Army looking so sinister; The organization has a front to keep up, and the Gamma androids are falling for it.

Of course, you can hardly blame the duo for being duped. Androids are not meant to stray from their creators, and the Red Ribbon Army has a history of indoctrinating newbies. Gamma One and Gamma Two never stood a chance, so it makes sense they view Goku's squad as villains. So when the new androids are sent to fight the crew, they believe they are doing so righteously.

Of course, we know as the audience that the Red Ribbon Army is the real villains. Their defeat is assured given Goku's tenacity, but Dragon Ball fans are wondering whether our heroes will have to defeat the androids as well. The two could very well turn on their masters, and honestly – that would just be poetic justice.

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