Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teases Gohan's Ultimate Power

Dragon Ball Super is teasing the return of Ultimate Gohan with the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie! One thing fans can agree on across the board is that Gohan definitely was knocked down a few pegs with the start of Dragon Ball Super. This gradual decline in importance began all the way back with the Majin Buu arc, but Gohan was at his lowest point in strength yet until the end of the anime's original run. With Gohan and Piccolo taking point in this new movie, it seems like Gohan is going to have a lot on his shoulders and will need as much power as possible to back it up.  

It's why Dragon Ball Super's debut feature film is so promising. Gohan will need to step up to the plate, and it's been teased that both he and Piccolo will be carrying the majority of the weight in the coming fights with the new Androids from the Red Ribbon Army. It seems like he's got enough power to back this up because a new piece of merchandise from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is listing Gohan's art without his glasses as "Ultimate Gohan," which teases a return to Gohan's most impressive state. Check it out below as spotted by @Herms98 on Twitter: 

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place a few years after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. It's not exactly clear how much time has passed, but Pan is age 3 at this point and is now training with Piccolo. Amping this up further is the idea that Gohan might be training alongside of them. Given that he's wearing an outfit like Piccolo's once more (and like the version of himself in Dragon Ball Z's Android Saga, bringing this new movie full circle), it's not hard to imagine that Gohan has been training himself up since the Tournament of Power. 

It was revealed before he entered the tournament that he was interested in maintaining his fighting form once more, so it seems he's been dedicated to keeping active. He not only unleashes Super Saiyan in the trailers, but this Ultimate Gohan listing teases that he can reach his highest peaks as well. If that does indeed turn out to be the case, the film's going to have some major fights coming our way. 

But what do you think? Curious to see Ultimate Gohan back in action? Wondering what it means for how much power Gohan has in the new movie? Do you think he's hiding even more in his arsenal?  Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!