Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Takes Gohan Back To Super Saiyan Status

Gohan has long been a fan-favorite character since first arriving in Dragon Ball Z, with many fans of the Shonen series hoping that the son of Goku will get more of the spotlight as the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super continues. With the scholar turned brawler once again returning to the spotlight in the next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it seems as though Gohan is set to revisit a traditional transformation that many believed he had left behind him.    

One of the biggest reasons, that we can think of, as to why Gohan is using Super Saiyan in this fight against the newly resurrected criminal organization is the differences between the anime and the manga. In the anime, Gohan trains alongside Piccolo to reawaken the power of his Mystic form that he received while training under the Kaioshins during the Buu Arc. While this takes place in the manga as well, it happens off-panel so we don't know if Gohan's Ultimate Form was attained in the same way or if things took a turn where he always had the power at his beck and call. In the manga, Gohan is the one to defeat Kefla, hinting that he might be far stronger in the pages of Dragon Ball Super over the anime adaptation.

In the anime, Gohan stated that he wanted to refrain from using the Super Saiyan transformation, instead hoping to discover a new transformation or work with the Ultimate Form that he currently wields. The upcoming movie is following the events of the manga, as Dragon Ball Super: Broly had versus the events of the anime which slightly differed along the way. During the manga's Tournament of Power arc, Gohan mentions that he no longer needs to use Super Saiyan while battling Kefla, though the villains of the Red Ribbon Army might necessitate him using the Saiyan race's ultimate weapon versus holding back his energy.

From the new trailer released at this year's Jump Festa, we see Gohan wearing the gi that he sports in the pages of the manga and has no problem diving back into becoming a Super Saiyan, and with the story of Super Hero taking place three years in the future, perhaps there have been some changes as to how Gohan will rely on this old transformation. 

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