Dragon Ball Super Sketches Imagine Super Saiyan 3 Kefla

During the Tournament of Power, Kale and Caulifla were able to use the potarra earrings to create [...]

During the Tournament of Power, Kale and Caulifla were able to use the potarra earrings to create one of the most popular characters of the sequel series that is Dragon Ball Super and one fan has imagined what the Saiyan combination would look like if she were to employ the power of Super Saiyan 3. One of the big transformations that Caulifla was looking to employ during the Tournament was Super Saiyan 3, having learned the first two levels in record time and seeing Goku employ a variety of techniques at his disposal, so this sketch certainly makes sense!

Though the Moro Arc is the latest story line in the Dragon Ball Super manga that immediately followed the Tournament of Power, Kale and Caulifla have not had a part in the proceedings as it has strictly been a Universe 7 problem. During the Tournament, Kefla seemed to employ a transformation that was using a combination of Super Saiyan 2 and the power of Kale's Legendary Super Saiyan status. Despite the fusion character's insane power level, it wasn't enough to ultimately defeat Goku in the first level of Ultra Instinct, with Son employing a trademarked Kamehameha to knock both Saiyan warriors from Universe 6 off the platform.

Reddit Artist SSJ4MAL shared these amazing sketches that show what Kale might have looked like if she decided to take things up a notch in her fight against Ultra Instinct Goku during the Tournament of Power and transformed into a Super Saiyan 3 herself:

Some Kefla SSJ3 sketches I did from r/dbz

Super Saiyan 3 is a controversial transformation in the world of Dragon Ball, with the technique changing the overall appearance of the fighter that employs it, causing their hair to grow to their feet as well as insanely alter their facial features to highlight a far more pronounced brow. Ultimately, the transformation has been somewhat pushed to the sidelines as Super Saiyan 3 drains stamina perhaps more than even that of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue transformations.

Goku had learned the skill while training in the afterlife, and readers never got the chance to see what efforts he undertook exactly in order to reach this new level. Perhaps some day in the future, this story will be told in the current series.

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